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Great Falls Police Respond To Thousands Of Incidents Last Year

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If you've encountered a serious problem in the past year, you probably called the great falls police.  So just how many calls did they receive last year?  The answer may surprise you.

40,217.  That's the number of incidents the Great Falls Police Department responded to last year.  While that number may seem high, our local law enforcement is prepared, even for a lot of the small stuff.

 "Every time we have statistics that come out and this type of thing, there's always a couple of things that aren't surprising, however it takes us back because it's too bad that it has to be that number.  We deal with an awful lot of disturbance calls, over 3,000 disturbance calls in the city of Great Falls.  These are just normal noise complaints, parties, verbal arguments and those types of thing.  We have a tendency to go to a lot of those than we think we do, then we add then up and realize boy, we went to a lot of those types of things," said Sgt. Bryan Slavik of the Great Falls Police Department.

 It's not just disturbances and crimes that top the list of police incidents.  They're also in the community assisting citizens with everyday needs.

"The thing that surprises a lot of people is how many citizens assists that the police do.  A lot of people think we're associated with criminal activities all the time, but there's a lot of times we're helping people deliver messages, emergency messages, helping them find things, giving people advice in terms of what they can do in certain situations and problems.  It's a real broad category, but a great majority of the time that's the kind of calls we're going on, public service calls," said Slavik.

Across the country, more serious crimes have been on a slight decline, and it seems like Great Falls won't be making any major changes.

"We expect it to maintain about the same.  Generally speaking, our crimes are real cyclical when it comes to seasons.  We have the holiday season just over, so we're probably see a little decrease, alcohol and drug use at the lower level, but as it starts getting warmer , that's going to increase.  That's the kind of thing we have to gear up for," said Slavik.

Not every incident results in arrests, especially when it comes to traffic violations.

"We write a lot of citations where people are released at the scene.  Most people thing of those as a speeding ticket, traffic tickets, those type of things, minor misdemeanors, we can also do those as well.  When you take into account that we deal with 120 calls average every single day, we're only arresting 3 or 4, that's a pretty low percentage," said Slavik.

Let's hope those numbers keep going down.


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