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Roundtable Expresses Difficulties with Obamacare to Congressman Daines

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Today in Helena Congressman Steve Daines met with a number of individuals listening to concerns people have with the Affordable Care Act. ABC Montana's Joe Moeller brings us more.

"Real stressful for member banks who have to go out there and find insurance in a matter of weeks."

"Just being put on hold and not being able to process to get a kidney is very frustrating."

Monday morning at the Montana Chamber of Commerce in Helena Congressman Steve Daines met with individuals from around the state to hear their issues with the controversial Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

"My job is I represent the entire state and to represent you and your interest back in Washington." said Congressman Steve Daines

The roundtable consisted of business leaders, companies, and even private citizens like Margo Wright who is currently waiting on a kidney transplant and already has a donor lined up, but can't go through with the surgery due to complications with insurance.

"I have started dialysis in March of 2013 and when your on dialysis you can get medicare to help cover the cost the dialysis, but because I am on Medicare I can not get any type of Obamacare, if you will. So I have had to get a different type of insurance, the transplant team wants to make sure that you are fully covered even though you have Medicare, so it has been very frustrating that I have had really good insurance and now I don't even know if they will accept my insurance." said Wright.

Wright like others at the roundtable expressed their concerns and problems with Daines who then hopes to take what the citizens of Montana want and relay them to Washington D.C.

"They don't like Obamacare it is causing the premiums to go up and they are losing their healthcare. The government is making the choice for the healthcare instead of allowing the individual to make that choice and that is something that Montanans do not like and that is why I think we need to repeal Obamacare." said Daines.

Over hearing all the complications the attendees had was also representatives from the Insurance Commissioner's office who have had very similar concerns and questions.

"These are questions that we have heard a lot before, it is a very difficult environment especially for small employers to understand how to continue to offer the benefits that they want to offer their employees and things have changed and for most Montana's small businesses insurance is not what they do day in and day out." said Jennifer McKee from the Montana Insurance Commissioner's Office.

Insurance Commissioner's Office has set up a Montana related web site that would help individuals out there with questions they may have at the web site located at the bottom of your screen.

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