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Great Falls Gets Affordable Healthcare Act Aid

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Several local Great Falls organizations banded together to help educate folks on the "in's and out's" of the affordable care act. Community members are getting a little boost in knowledge about the affordable care act thanks to local organizations.

"We're working together in conjunction with our coalition of Planned Parenthood and Benefis and the Indian Health Services and the Community Health Center, where I work in doing an open enrollment for individuals to come down and ask questions or needing assistance in enrolling in the Affordable Healthcare Act," explains Certified Application Councilor, Tina Bundtrock.

While all inclusive, the program itself serves to help members of the community who may be stumped or unsure about the Affordable Healthcare Act.

"There is a lot of folks out there that are confused that fall into what I call the "doughnut hole" of not getting the coverage and they still think they are going to get penalized because they can't afford it. That is not true," says Bundtrock.

One of the biggest unknown parts of the act is the eligibility of tax credit and exemption.

"Now folks that don't make that much and don't qualify for premium tax credit are obviously going to be left not getting that and would be technically considered medicaid eligible in the Federal Government's eyes, but Montana didn't expand so they get an exemption," says Bundtrock.

This is the 3rd time that the representatives here have held this seminar and each time more people come in to gain some more knowledge about medicare enrollment.

"Well it's open it's a free service we don't get paid a commission for our services and helping individuals navigate through the system, explain what a deductible is or what co-insurance is. Seeing if they qualify for a tax credit or an exemption," says Bundtrock.

The deadline to enroll in the affordable care act is in fact March 31th and not January 1st as previously thought by those who enrolled. So there is still time to receive help or sign up yourself.

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