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Young Adults Top Chart of Montana Cigarette Smokers

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With all of the ads and campaigns against tobacco products in recent years and a push from the surgeon general, it may come as a surprise that the age group who has seen those ads throughout their lifetime are the highest percentage of smokers in the state of Montana and nationally.

"Age 18 to 24, they are on their own trying to get identified. There may be groups they are running with or peer pressure. Things like that have really got them targeted. Also ads from big tobacco companies in magazines and such to cater to that particular age range," says Teddy Nault, a Tobacco Prevention Specialist with the City County Health Department.

Although in the last fifty years, the percentage of adult smokers nationally has been almost cut in half for both men and women,according to the CDC. They add that Montana almost has the same percentage of adult smokers as the national average, but Nault warns about the risks associated with using tobacco products.

"Nicotine knows no boundaries in the human body. That's a sad fact. It affects every part of the body -- hair, eyes, finger nails, heart, whatever it is."

Nault says there are lots of resources for those who want to kick the dangerous habit.

"The quit line is a free service and the offer eight weeks of free cessation products, some of the pharmaceuticals are at reduced price and free coaching which can help kids as well who are addicted to tobacco products."

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