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Bozeman's Snowmobile Freestylers

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Sam Rodgers has been doing snowmobile free style for 10 years. The Cook City Montana native has been free styling in Bozeman for the last 3. He says up in the air is like being in your own little world.

"You're just floating you know? No gravity up there. You're doing your thing focused its just like totally everything just shuts off and you're focused on what you're doing. So you really don't think about anything else," said Sam Rogers.
Courtney Hungerford grew up in West Yellowstone. He and his brother built the first snowmobile ramp in 2001. Just listen to him describe the sport.

"You've got a 450 pound machine going underneath you, and then rotating you around so, it's an indescribable feeling nothing like a trampoline back flip or a bmx back flip it's a big chunk of machine that's going upside down," said Courtney Hungerford.
Unfortunately Sam has experienced a few injuries while riding.

"Tore both rotator cuffs and both ACLs and this shoulder again and broke my neck just a long list of injuries," said Rogers.

The thing that Sam likes most out here, is that he controls how well he places.

"Freestyle is just kind of more laid back and more based on you like if you mess up it's kind of like your fault. I just like it's more individual based," said Rogers.
Courtney has a new favorite move.

"Recently I just learned to do back flips now and that's my biggest addiction now is flipping it's so much fun it's like time stands still," said Hungerford.
Sam and Courtney will be competing at the Winter X games in Aspen in two weeks. And they each have clear goals.

"Ride the thing and survive and I'd definitely like to get on the podium," said Rogers.

"I'm going this year as an alternate so I'm going to go there and focus and do what I can and do my best," said Hungerford.

Reporting in Bozeman Jeff Eberle, ABC FOX MONTANA SPORTS.

For more information on Sam Rogers check out his website!

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