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Search for Dale Brownlow Continues in Lewis and Clark County

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Lewis and Clark County Sheriff and Search and Rescue parties were in the Helena National Forest for a third time today searching for a missing hiker last seen over a month and a half ago, ABC Montana's Joe Moeller brings us more from outside the town of Nelson.

Dale Brownlow, the 52-year-old man from Denver, Colorado , has been missing for well over a month now after reportedly hiking in the Helena National Forest. Brownlow was last spotted right out side the small town of Nelson where his vehicle was left for 15 days.

After two search and rescue efforts last month came up unsuccessful, experts met with Lewis and Clark County officials on January 10th to seek more in depth analysis on where Brownlow might be.

And the search is going to begin here today where twenty three crew members are going to join here at Hunters Gulch to continue the search for Brownlow. They are going to utilize the warm weather and the clear grounds to search clear up to the mountain tops behind me here.

Crews are searching on foot with the help of search K-9's in multiple parties up and down hunters gulch in total of a miles area, and compared to a few weeks ago the search conditions have improved.

"We have a lot less snow on the ground and that is going to help either pick up any type of tracks and better scents than we had last time with the search dogs. " said Sheriff Deputy Alan Hughes.

The meeting with the sheriff and search experts held earlier this month gave insight to officials on what new and different techniques the search crews could do.

"Try to figure out what he was thinking and where he was going about, some of the stuff we didn't have previous to our original search because the detectives had completed all their investigation and there is still ongoing. So it helps solidify this area and another area." continued Hughes.

If today's search turns out unsuccessful, officials are going to regroup and possible head out again to take advantage of the warmer and clear weather.

"Coming up with a full week of, you know above 40 degrees or 40 degree weather we may end up going back out soon." concluded Hughes.

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