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Senior Standout: Townsend's Colin Nelson

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Meet Colin Nelson, Senior point guard for the Townsend Bulldogs. Colin was nominated by his coach, Gary Bauman, for his leadership on and off the court.

"He's the guy I go to when I need to relay things to boys on the floor," says Bauman.

"He works his butt off doing all the drills and it's not just some of the drills it's every drill in practice," added his teammate Skylar Geisser.

He's pretty smart," says Bulldogs Senior Post Joseph Spradlin. "His intelligence on the court, whether he's passing, dribbling, he knows where the ball should go at the right time."

But basketball isn't the only thing Colin does well. Colin's example in the classroom has impressed not only his coach, but his teammates as well

"He's always paying attention in class," says Spradlin. "He's not the kid that's always goofing around. He always has his calculator out. When there's ten minutes left in class he's always working he's not the one that's going to be talking."

"He dedicates himself to his homework and he excels in all of his classes," adds Geisser.

"Very respectful to all of the other teachers. That's one of the major reasons we nominated him," said coach Bauman.

On the court the point guard is typically a leadership role and Colin understands the importance of his position.

"The point guard on the floor he kind of directs everything," said Nelson. "Everything goes through him and if he's not on top of everything then stuff goes south. You have to have good people skills that really helps to know, and you have to grow up with the kids around you. You have to know their moods, what they're going to do anytime and how they're going to react to anything that happens in the game good or bad"

And as impressive is Colin is on the court his teammates say he's even more impressive off of it.

"He's a really good friend," says Geisser. "He's really fun to hang out with and he's always fun to be around because he's always doing something."

"Colin and I have been friends since kindergarten. Him and I have never fought really. We've gotten in little fights before but I always know to trust him and he always knows what to do in the right time," says Spradlin.

Colin has been through it all. From a rebuilding team to a state ranked one this year. He is truly a senior standout.

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