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Choosing Senator Max Baucus' Replacement

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Incase you were wondering when or who our Governor will choose to be Senator Max Baucus' replacement ABC Montana's Joe Moeller has an update.

Its looking like Governor Steve Bullock is going to have a few big decisions on his hands that could really stir up the Montana political arena.

First off he has to appoint a Supreme Court Justice and a District Court Judge in Yellowstone County, but the big decision Montanans are curious about, is the U.S. Senate appointment.

Senator Max Baucus shocked the political world last year when he announced he wasn't going to seek re-election, and recently was nominated as the U.S. Ambassador to China.

"Very humbled and it is very rewarding to be able to continue public service." said Baucus.

When he accepts the nomination, if Senate vote permits, his seat will be vacant leaving Governor Bullock to choose and interim Senator for the remainder of his term.

This is where it gets tricky, since Baucus' decision to not seek re-election it will leave his seat up for grabs in the next election and there are multiple candidates already, but since he is to leave the seat early some are seeking the seat before their run.

Democrat Lt. Governor John Walsh, announced he would be running for the seat, but also told Bullock he wants the interim spot as well.

Bullock could choose his running mate, but would that be fair?  Whoever it is will get the extra in Washington for roughly a year, and also if the interim runs for the seat, will be an incumbent.

Some suggest a seat warmer, someone who isn't interested in taking the seat in the next election for a fair race.

Even former Lt. Governor John Bohlinger who is running for the seat says he will drop out of the race if Walsh is appointed, saying it will be almost impossible to defeat him.

Until Senate votes on Senator makes Baucus' nomination as U.S. Ambassador to China. Everyone is on stand by and Governor Bullock has yet to comment on any possible decisions for the spot.

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