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Sibling Rivalry Still Strong for Capital and Carroll's Johnston Sisters

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Jordan and McKenzie Johnston are two sisters linked by blood and basketball. One at Carroll, the other at Capital.

Jordan is a sophomore for Carroll college, while little sister McKenzie is a junior at Capital High School. Both sisters wear 32, it's kind of a family tradition, though not their first choice.

"It was actually my older sister's number. She played for capital and she was 32 and I just took it cause my number was 23 and it was taken" said Jordan. 

"I used to be number three and then I took 32 after my sisters" said McKenzie.

Not only do they wear the same number, but have shared the same coach. Both Jordan and McKenzie played under head coach Bill Pelgeram during their time at Capital. But he doesn't want all the credit for their success.

"They come from a great family. Very supportive parents, very supportive families, support each other, and that shows up in what kind of teammates they are, what kind of players they are" said Pelgeram. "Very unselfish, team first players and that just makes them easy to coach, and it makes them fun to coach."

Basketball isn't the only sport these two sisters thrive at. Jordan was a very good softball player when she was at Capital just as is McKenzie now, which adds to their sibling rivalry.

"I think I'm better. Yeah, we played different positions but I think I could still take her," bragged Jordan.

"We had an alumni game and I got to pitch against her, and I got her out so I think I one upped her there," quipped McKenzie.

"I got a state championship though! she still doesn't have that yet" responded Jordan.

All jokes aside, Jordan and McKenzie have a very close bond and that bond is only growing stronger as they grow up.

"We're really close, we always go to the gym together, lift weights together. I was really happy when she chose Carroll cause then she didn't leave me," said McKenzie.

"She very, like, loving and you can talk to her about anything. She's really supportive of everything," Said Jordan.

So despite the jokes and teasing, these two sisters share a very special bond. Both in name, and the number 32. In Helena, Jake Jones ABC Fox Montana Sports.

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