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Could Super Bowl Sunday be Super Bowl Monday or Friday?

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Although Super Bowl Sunday is an iconic sports phrase the NFL says the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl could also be the first Super Bowl not played on a Sunday.

A snow storm on the East coast may move the game up to Friday or delay it to Monday.

So what do some Montanan's think about the possible change of date?

Kurtis Angevine of Great Falls says,"The typical American schedule you get your Saturdays and Sundays off so if it was moved to another day of the week that wasn't the weekend it might affect someone's work schedule."

Fred Wilkie also of Great Falls says,"It would if it was Friday or Monday because I have to work. I'd miss it. That doesn't sound good to me."

Dennis Hadson  of Chester says,"I'm retired so they can have it any day they want."

Wilkie adds we have already seen a snowy outdoor game this season so snow at the Super Bowl shouldn't be a problem. "I remember watching Dallas and Green Bay play in the freezer bowl. It was really cold, so these guys should be able to do it too if necessary. I guess it depends on how much snow they get."

The general manager of Boston's says a change of date won't stop the sports bar from enjoying football's biggest game.

Robert Krippes says,"The party is going to go on one way or another. If they move it a day forward then we will move everything forward and get our guest taken care of and make sure they have a good time for the Super Bowl. I imagine the Super Bowl is going on one way or the other."

Krippes adds that he believes the Super Bowl event is big enough that it won't keep many people from coming out to watch it even if it is on a Monday or Friday.

Let us know what you think about the Super Bowl not being played on a Sunday by leaving us a comment.

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