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Great Falls Rumble Rumbles with a Cause

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Tomorrow will be a big night here in Great Falls.  The Heritage Inn is hosting an MMA event that your not going to want to miss.

Everything that is taking place tomorrow is going toward a great cause.  I was able to catch up with the event organizer, but also a person very close to the cause to give more insight.

Schelli Bolta said of her interest in MMA that "since knowing Joe and just getting to see his heart in it.  We had watched it before, but I wasn't near as passionate as I am now."

Schelli Bolta described herself as one who started becoming a fan of MMA recently, but she was one who was more of a boxing fan, but still caught the eye of her husband.

"John sort of knew I was the right girl when I could quote all the Rocky's (movies)" said Schelli

It was recently that John Bolta lost his battle with cancer, but John was described by his friends as someone who never had a bad day in his life.

Schelli said of her husband, "I am so incredibly proud of John! What I am most proud of him is, I think that true victory is not letting hard circumstances change what is most beautiful about us, and from start to finish from the guy I fell in love with to the guy I said good bye to, he was the same guy with the same light in his eyes and smile on his face."

To some John Bolta was an ordinary person, but to many others, he took on a new legacy.  His love of boxing and MMA allowed a new event to be promoted in his honor.

Event Organizer Joe McMillen said of John that he had "incredible heart! That is what I thought all along we're going to be doing this as much as we can to help people out, but there's a reason why he was picked first.  I mean he has a true fighters heart."

That is where Saturday's Great Falls Rumble was put together, but promoter and friend of Bolta's, McMillen, didn't realize how big it would become.

McMillen did not expect it, but "this event has grown much bigger than I thought was honestly.  I'm real excited about it, this is first time trying it.  I was going to try and do a special Fight-A-Thon for this fight.  The promoter jumped on board, a lot of the fighters are jumping on board, even my opponent is on board."

Schelli Bolta is on board, and hopes the community is as well.

She gives "just my incredible thanks to Great Falls.  MMA is not what we think it is.  It is such a wonderful thing in our community."

Tomorrow night's 14 fight card begins at 7.  Tickets are still available for tomorrow night's event at the door, or at

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