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Great Falls College MSU Adds More Safety Features

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In recent weeks numerous accounts of school shootings have dominated the headlines prompting our own Joe Biega to talk to a security officer at the Great Falls College MSU to learn what safety measures they have put in place in the event of an emergency. In recent weeks school safety has been a question in America with the numbers of school violence and shootings. Here at Great Falls College MSU campus security makes safety the number 1 priority.

"Well that is really one of our primary reasons, one of my primary jobs is to make sure students have a safe learning environment," explains Darryl Stevens, Head of Campus Security.

In fact just recently Great Falls College MSU has added in a brand new phone system that will allow for speedier communication during a problem between students and administration.

"Great Falls College MSU already has had before I got here,very effective safety procedures. actually yesterday we we're in the middle of reviewing to do an annual review of all our safety procedures. We also just installed a brand new phone system that allows all phone to become speakers so that someone from the executive team can send out a message. wether its a lock down weather it's a shelter in place," says Stevens.

Also Great Falls College MSU says they constantly go over safety procedures, because you never know exactly what the future may hold.

"So we are constantly reviewing the, ironically this very week we have been reviewing all of our safety procedures making sure that we can communicate effectively with students in a very very short notice," says Stevens.

In the event of an incident they first thing the college would do is call 9-1-1, but they also have a EMT program which can spring into action to help in the short term.

"One of the great things is, is that we have a very effective EMT department as you can see already this morning and so we have trained licensed EMT practitioners on campus. Mostly when our students are here," says Stevens.

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