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Whitehall's Mason Higgins Makes It Work

Whitehall senior Mason Higgins was born without half of his left arm. He uses that left arm though to dribble and crossover. Even though he doesn't have the same advantage everybody else has, he makes it work.

"Guess it's different than anybody else gotta learn things my own way. It's been a lot of fun. I figured it out and kind of do things on my own," said Mason Higgins.

Mason's coach and teammate are in awe of what he's able to do on the court.

"He really makes me value the fact that I have two arms and him having one it really inspires me to be thankful for what I have because knowing what he has because he can pretty much do whatever anything," said Whitehall senior guard Bryce Murphy.

Mason has been inspirational to his teammates, but they recount one specific example.

"Last year we were down in Sheridan playing and in warmups he came out and dunked and I would have never thought that he could dunk with 1 arm and he comes out and dunks it in warmups," said Murphy.

"The JV's are warming up and I hear the rim pop and I'm like what the heck was that and I hear my kids whooping and hollering my varsity kids in the stands and it was Mason trying to dunked and supposedly he dunked," said McLean.

So is there anything Mason can't do?

"Left handed lay ups? It would make it easier it I had a left hand but I try not think of obstacles and think of what I can do

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