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Reactions to the State of the Union

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Last night thousands of you tuned for the State of the Union Address and Montana's political leaders were also in attendance. ABC Montana's Joe Moeller brings us more on their reaction, and what social media showed about the speech.

Last night in Washington D.C. President Barack Obama addressed the nation in the State of the Union speech that was over 6,500 words and 65 minutes with some big topics on the agenda calling 2014 a "year of action".

Obama addressed numerous subjects to lawmakers including the wage gap between the rich and the poor, promised to improve American education from preschool through college, defended the Affordable Care Act, and mentioned cleaner fuel and energy independence.

Congressman Steve Daines reacted to the Presidents speech saying,

"President Obama and I agree - it is the American people and their determined spirit that indeed make our nation strong. but the American people deserve real solutions that provide good paying jobs for our families, and grow opportunity.

Senator Jon Tester weighed in as well,

"Well I think the President laid out a strong vision for the future economically, I think that is important. I think he spoke about the middle class and how important it was to have a vibrant middle class so we can continue to lead the world, I think that is critically important."

Social media always plays a factor and the hash tag SOTU for State of the Union showed what people paid attention to the most  on twitter.

Top three points that had people tweeting away last night, first the presidents reference to "Mad Men.

"It is time to due away with workplace policies that belong in a Mad Men episode."

GEtting a total 33,550 tweets per minute, second was regarding minimum wage.

"In the coming weeks I will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour."

With 29,859 tweets per minute, and coming in third with 22,768 tweets per minute was the Presidents biggest stride and arguable the biggest downfall of his presidential career, healthcare.

"And incase you haven't heard we are in the process of fixing that."

Fourth was climate change, and fifth was Obama's shout out to Boehners "barkeeper" moment.

The headline of the night is that the President is calling for a "year of action", saying that is what the American people want, but it depends on the divided Congress.

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