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Jay Walking Leads to Monthly Accidents

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People are often in a hurry to get from place to place and many times forget simple safety tips such as crossing the street at cross walks.

The Great Falls Police Department says accidents involving pedestrians and cars are more common than you would expect.

"Generally speaking, officers respond to two maybe three vehicle vs. pedestrian scenarios every single month all throughout the year," says Sgt. Slavik of the GFPD.

Even with these types of accidents, Sgt. Slavik says the GFPD doesn't always ticket jay walkers, but they will step in if they see someone being unsafe.

"Jay walking tickets aren't the norm generally speaking, but if we see someone being unsafe or that type of thing we will address it."

With the GFPD responding to around 36 car vs. pedestrian accidents a year, Sgt. Slavik says this is the best way to be safe when crossing a busy street.

"The best place to cross the street is at an intersection. A lot of intersections aren't marked with cross walks, but that doesn't mean you can't cross the street. Just make sure to do it in a safe area."

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