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Airline Fees Increase

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USA Today reported that airline fees for Delta and American Airlines have increased to nearly 400 dollars in the last month. A jump that effects frequent flyer Brandon Hill.

"Yeah they have definitely gone up, I fly about twice a month and if I'm at a regular schedule for oil fields so generally I don't get under and don't get to change my ticket for less than $200," says Hill.

On top of battling fees, Hill says airlines have made it harder to change flights.

"It's harder just to change your ticket now you know so that's a lot worse, but per airport I haven't seen much of a difference and in those 2 airlines are essentially the same so I haven't seen a big difference between those,"

Airport Director John Faulkner says there is a good reason for the sharp increase from different airline companies.

"So as I was saying on the ticket tax there is actually a small tax, a federal tax it goes to fund infrastructure at airports around the country. On the auxiliary fees, baggage or anything you might buy from the airlines that tax is not collected so over time there is going to have to be sort of a regulatory look at that so that revenue can be recaptured and put back into the system to help pay for the infrastructure," explains Faulkner.

And according to Faulkner until there is a regulation on auxiliary fees, fee increases will just be part of the norm.

"One of the reasons you are seeing them pile a lot of growth into the auxiliary fees is their not paying the tax on that and eventually like I said that will have to get looked at," explains Faulkner.

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