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Radio Stations Making Progress After Flooding

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Starting your day with some music or talk on the radio is a great way to kick things off, but a few months ago, *one little frozen pipe* threatened to change that.

Now you may remember when I was here back in December and there was water everywhere.  The flooding had destroyed the computers, the floor, the ceiling, a lot of damage happened.  But the good news is Central Montana Radio Group is back on the air.

"We are moving in the right direction.  Again, we just want to say thank you to our clients that were very patient with us.  Thank you to the community and we hope to be back up and running in full force in the very near future.  Seven weeks in the building and we're still working in the right direction.  Our battle has been to get back on the air.  That was priority number one, to take care of our clients and I think we've done that," said Jim Sargent of KMON.

That's good news for listeners, advertisers, station staff and even the folks trying to wake up in the morning.

"One of the big things that people say is they have their alarms set to Max Country in the morning, and the morning to the flood, a lot of people were late to work that day.  Apologies!" said Bejay Lindseth of Max Country.

It wasn't all bad news.  With the old equipment damaged, it means new state-of-the-art radio gear gets installed.

"Look at my pretty studio! Brand new.  Amazing.  All new equipment.  Still working through some glitches here and there and we're happy where we're at.  A big thank you to everybody that stuck with us through the seven weeks of making sure that we were up and running," said Lindseth.

The costs are still being added up, but with potentially over a million dollars in damages, community support was critical, and of course, Central Montana didn't disappoint.

"I come from the Hi-Line in small town America and it is absolutely fantastic.  When I moved to Great Falls, it is still here.  We had the Great Falls Chamber jump in.  We actually moved our sales staff to the Great Falls Chamber and they opened up their arms and said, come on in, take over our office.  At the Holiday Inn, we've had meetings up there with numerous clients," said Sargent.

So with the help of our community, your favorite alarm clock tunes will be there tomorrow morning…at least until you hit snooze.

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