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Conservationist Bring Anti-Coal Valentines Cards to Attorney General

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Many of you were wishing others a happy Valentines Day and in Helena today conservation groups gathered to give Attorney General Tim Fox a little different type of Valentines Day gift, ABC Montana's Joe Moeller brings us more.

Its Valentines Day, so love is in the air for many around the Treasure State, but one place you could find some not so Valentines Day love is at the Attorney Generals office where councils from Northern Plains Resource and Sleeping Giant Citizens dropped off some anti-coal Valentines Day cards gathered from all over the state.

"Let the Attorney General know that there are a lot of people in Montana who are really concerned about the impacts to Montana, increase in strip mining in Eastern Montana." said Shiloh Hernandez from the Sleeping Giants Citizens Council.

The Helena based Sleeping Giant Citizens council collected the cards from all corners of Montana to bring challenge Attorney General Tim Fox to spread the word on the negatives of coal mining in Montana and the impacts it has on our environment.

"You have lead cadmium and all these other minerals that are flying all over Montana. This whole coal train bit is going to have a long range impact on our citizens health forever." said supporter Alma Winberry. 

The Attorney Generals office argues coal is a big factor in Montana, with reserves estimated at $1.5  trillion dollars, coal is responsible for more than 7,000 jobs in Montana, with that the payroll adds up to $400 million. AG fox's offices responded to the Valentines Day letters saying:

"Responsibly developing our coal resources means good-paying jobs for Montanans, money for our schools, and affordable electricity for our homes - even the electricity this extremist group used to spread word about its gathering."

These conservation groups believe there are different routes the government can obtain energy in Montana, and hopes that these hand written Montanan notes will get that exact message out there.

"People have called it one of the greatest wind resources in the nation we can build wind mills. Helena for example has great solar resources, there are clean alternatives as far as energy development in the state goes." added Hernandez.