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CFED Scorecard List Montana as 9th in the Nation

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Rural Dynamic Incorporated has announced the National Scorecard which compares the poverty level in Montana to that of the rest of the country. 

"One of the things we maybe 9th in our outcome but we are also 50th in the nation, we're at the bottom end for wage. so we got to keep working on those livable wage jobs," explains RDI's, Tom Jacobson.

And though we scored high in most folks being financially stable we have more people living off of their paychecks only with less saved up than the rest of the nation.

"We have more people working paycheck to paycheck and haven very little left over and having nothing left over for savings. Being that defining liquid asset poverty would mean that if I were to lose my job for 3 months that I could still survive and pay my bills," says Jacobson.

Lori Bonifay is a mom of 5 children and is a part time student, after some family stress and living on less than a paycheck, she turned to RDI for help.

"As I was pursuing that someone had suggested that I get in contact with Karen Vanni with RDI to get financial help with different areas that I could not afford to pay for," says Bonifay.

Through the many RDI's out-reach programs, Bonifey is proud to say she is on her way to helping to lower the statistic of our liquid asset poor family rates here in Montana by bettering her own finances.

"As I entered this programs and throughout the program I have received some credit counseling and it's been very beneficial for me and it has helped me become more financially responsible," says Bonifay.

Bonifay's story is one out of countless individuals who are liquid asset poor here in Great Falls. In fact her story could be your's and mine, think about it could you survive losing your job and facing a crisis at the same time.

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