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5 People Hospitalized After Severe Plane Turbulence

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Severe turbulence sends 5 people to the hospital during a flight traveling from Denver to Billings. The FAA is now investigating the flight with 114 people on board. The captain of United Airlines Boeing 737 had apparently declared a medical emergency as they approached Billings.
Reporter Katie Chen tells us one flight attendant is still being treated for her injuries.

"We hit some crazy turbulence really. It shook us left and right a couple of times and then right after that it dropped us. It happened so fast. it's not like what you'd expect for normal turbulence you feel. You feel your stomach tickle a bit but this one just happened so fast it just threw you. It just threw you up and you just stayed there. You just heard a big boom," says Joe Frank.

He didn't have his seat belt on, and when the plane dropped, he flew up out of his seat and hit his head.  He says the turbulence hit over Wyoming, right before the plane began its descent into Billings.  Frank was returning from spending Valentine's Day with his mom in Texas.   He says right after the drop, over the intercom, flight attendants could be heard saying someone was injured and they told people to stay in their seats.

Frank tells us, "Right after you hear that, you hear, where is my baby. Some dad a row back and an aisle over from me lost his infant, no older than four months. And the guy behind me yells, it's right here. I look behind me and the baby's sitting there, laying there on its back in the empty seat."

Laurel Linde sat towards the front of the plane.  She and her son, Frank, were traveling back to Billings from football camp.

"It was pretty traumatic. Very surreal. Everything happened so quickly. We're talking about a five second time frame I would say," says Linde.

Passengers say they are relieved to be back on the ground.

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