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A New Restaurant Pops Up In A Unique Place

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Café Paris is the new foodie oasis located in the museum, and for chef Rhonda Adkins, the culinary journey all began with one simple question.

"Have you thought about re-opening the café?  I thought they were joking…but they weren't!" said Ronda Adkins, Chef of Cafe Paris.

The food you get here isn't just your standard American fare.  Rhonda has traveled all over the world and brought back a number of recipe souvenirs.

"I ate my way through Europe.  Other people kept travel journals.  I actually kept food journals and I would write down what I was eating and try to analyze what it was because it was so different than what I was used to in the states," said Adkins.

When you go to Café Paris, it's never the same experience.  Chef Rhonda creates a new menu every week and wants to give our community a taste of her passions.

"I want this to be a place that somebody wants to come every week, so offering new menu items makes it exciting for them and different and it makes it a place you want to go to every week.  So changing it up here every now and then gives Great Falls people and opportunity to share what I love," said Adkins.

The venue is great.  The story is great.  But how is the food?

Now first of all, the food here is beautiful.  It looks like it belongs in the art museum.  As an exhibit when you get your food, you can see all the greens, the reds, the yellows.  Fantastic food that looks great, but does it taste great?  That's the most important question. It does.  On my meal, the cheese spread on there really working there with the ham.  It was a fantastic sandwich.  You want to make sure you get down here and try this it.

After taking a bite, of course I wasn't going to let the rest of this meal go to waste.  I'm not going to let dessert pass either, and ate every…last…bite.

You can enjoy the fine dining and even better experience for yourself.  Give a quick call to the museum to make your reservation for a lunch service, which will be at twelve and twelve thirty on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the month of March. You'll even get your food within minutes of sitting down.

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