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Joe Biega Rides Along with the Volunteer Police Service

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Last week we reported on the Police Volunteer Program getting a new patrol car of their very own. Earlier last week I got the chance to take a ride with a patrol and see just what it is that the Volunteer Police Service does.

"We thought what a great way to assist our Police Department serving our city," explains Volunteer, Larry Wilda.

Last week the Great Falls Police Department unveiled a brand new Volunteer Patrol Vehicle. The new car is not the beginning for the Volunteer Police, but a huge stepping stone for this young program.

"It's just a great opportunity early in the game it's still a relatively new program and to come in and to serve your community that way, to serve the Police Department that does such a great job taking car of our community so," says Wilda.

I met with volunteers Emery Giskaas and Larry Wilda, two men who joined, because they found it to be a great way to help their community.

"It's an opportunity for people to be aware that the program is out there to see us and for the department for a lot of reasons," Says Giskaas.

With that we hit the road keeping a careful eye out for any trouble or anything suspicious going on and for volunteer officers this is the most important part of the job.

"We can be eyes and ears and we can do basically the same things that any citizen on the street can do and if you see something that doesn't look right, you need to call it in which of course we do," adds Wilda.

During the drive Volunteer Officer Wilda share a story of how they helped catch a some shoplifters late one night.

"We got about a block away and we found out they were on the run from Wal-Mart, so we did a 180 and went back and met the officers ended up us going south down around Westgate and all the way across a dark lot out by the field there Emery spotted them and we got to asset the officers in getting them," says Wilda.

That is only one of the Volunteer Police success stories and I heard countless more, with success like that the Great Fall Police Department plans to add a bicycle division to patrol over the summer.

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