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Today's Gym Workout is Less About Pumping Up and More About Getting Fit

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Our own Joe Biega takes us to the gym to take a look at how working out has changed since the body building fad back in the early 2000's. About 10 years ago the popular fad while working out had been weightlifting and getting buff or for the ladies slimming down several sizes, today's gym goers say the experience has changed.

"I think there has been quite a bit of change as when I was a kid it was more about getting huge muscles you know and a lot of people were taking Creatine and just trying to pump up and now I see a lot more people just try and stay in shape be fit," says Brandon Kurth.

"It's not so much about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger as it is more about just being healthy in general that's how I see it," adds Ray Humerick.

So folks are trying to look less like Arnold and focusing more on staying healthy. Long time fitness trainer Sandra Corbett says she thinks she may understand the reasoning behind the change in attitude.

"Well I think that most people are now more aware of that getting fit today is going to effect the way they live the rest of their lives and so I think it has to do more with how they think on the inside than on the outside. It used to be more of how we view ourselves on the outside in the mirror and now it's well you know am I going to be able to walk? can I run when I'm 50, 60, 80. so yeah it has to do more with being healthy on the inside," Says Corbett.

I also asked Vicki Luoma, who works with the very popular fitness program Weight Watcher about the difference in trends, Louma says she see more people come to her wanting to be healthier rather than bulk up.

"People want to be healthier now and eat healthier. It is a healthy lifestyle it is a life style change. it is not eating one food or another, we eat everything and we do everything on either a points plus system or a simple start which is the new program this year a 2 week simple start," Explains Louma.

After talking with several gym members, I found out that the latest fad is no longer weightlifting but something called cross training and I had to give it a try myself.

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