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My Neighbor in Need Appliance Repair Program

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Last week My Neighbor in Need debuted their new appliance repair program designed to help all folks but at a more affordable cost to the homeowner. Homeowner Gary Pulst came across a big problem involving his Kenmore washing machine one night and due to his financial circumstances; a regular repairman would cost him way too much. So Pulst turned to My Neighbor in Need for help.

"Well it started the other night when we were doing laundry and we were out in the living room and we heard this like train coming through the house, some like water going everywhere. so we went and shut it off. It was vibrating really bad the tub was just bouncing all over the place. So I see their commercial and called them the next day to come check it out," explains Pulst.

Jerry Keller has been working appliance repair for 15 years, after his retirement he jumped on the opportunity to join My Neighbor in Need new appliance repair program and happily help folks like Pulst at a fraction of the cost.

"I see us helping people that our in need who have nowhere to go, that maybe financially strapped and really need somebody to come in and just help them out a little bit, so they can get their laundry done for their little kids and themselves," says Keller.

Keller was also able to prevent a bigger problem for Pulst, one that could even save his life.

"For a period of time the motor will burn out the elements, actually have a dryer fire or thermal fuse because of the amount of lint buildup restricts the air flow," explains Keller.

Pulst says without the new repair program his wallet would be in deep water.

"Great! This is wonderful just to have a service that they can do for a lower price than, you know for the people who don't have a lot of money," says Pulst.

The money raised from these appliance house calls goes back to help My Neighbor in Need so they can continue to assist the folks in the community in need the most.

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