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Obesity For Young Children On The Decline

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Junk food is all around our kids but with the help of programs like the ones championed by the first lady, obesity has dropped among 2-5 year olds, which is good news.

"Very exciting, so one of our goals as pediatric providers is to keep our patient population as healthy as possible and we are very aware of the trends in this country but also in other countries," said Christina Sotiropoulos, MD, FAAP of Benefis Health Systems.

While nations like France are ahead of the game when it comes to childhood obesity, the US is catching up and it starts with what and how parents feed their kids. 

"One of the things I think you can do as a parent is try to avoid less healthy food from the get go.  Don't overfeed and infant or child who acts as if they're not hungry or is rejecting food," said Sotiropoulos.

Slow down! Taking time makes kids feel full.

"Rather than slam dunking a fast food meal, if you can sit at home and have something that's a little simpler and maybe a little bit more healthy," said Sotiropoulos.

Even if you can't make time for a sit down dinner, make time for exercise.

"Encouraging your kids to be active in whatever they like to do; dance, soccer, basketball.  Just support them in those activities," said Sotiropoulos.

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows obesity at age five makes a child far more likely to obese as an adult, so this new trend has far reaching impacts.

"Well, I'm hoping that that translates that we now have this age range that already seems to have started off in a better situation than the preceding generation and if we can keep continuing to have kids coming up with that education and focus, that overall, everyone's going to benefit.  Hopefully folks will live longer, will have more active, productive, happier lives and so I think it's very exciting," said Sotiropoulos.

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