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7 Year-Old Stud Aidan Reeve is Dutton-Brady's Video Coordinator

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It's tournament basketball time and things are intense because seasons are on the line. Everyone is all business, including Dutton Brady's film coordinator, 7 year- old Aidan Reeve.

Aidan began filming games since last year's divisional tournament and hasn't missed a game since. So how did this all start?
"When he was 2 years old he sat on the bench with us, started coaching with me and shaking hands with all the coaches and players and enjoyed himself. And this year he said Dad, I want to film, and I said are you sure, and he goes yep, so we had him start filming and he's probably the best camera man I've had yet," said Randall Reeve, Aidan's father.

Well the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Aidan credits his dad for teaching him all he knows.
"My dad. He taught me how to set up a tripod and turn on the camera," said Aidan Reeve.
Aidan takes his job pretty seriously. But he can also have some fun. He's known as being Dutton-Brady's biggest fan.

"I love Aidan. He is our biggest supporter that we've ever had and he's the one that starts all the cheers and he just gets everyone's blood just pumping and going and we really love that," said senior Lacey Jones.
"I've known him since he was born and he's the one that starts our cheers and ends our cheers, he's our motivation pretty much," said senior Hailee VandenBos.
Motivation and also a source of joy for Aidan's dad.
"It's just a blast. Like I said without him, I'm nothing he's just so fun to have around," said Randal Reeve.

Dad isn't the only one who enjoys having him around. The girls on the team all have a crush on the cute young stud.
"He has a lot of girlfriends on the team and I'm one of them and he loves to flirt with the girls on the team, of course," said Jones.

When Aidan is not shooting games or getting all the girls he does what any other
7 year old kid from Montana does.

"He loves going horseback riding in the mountains with us, fishing - he's just a normal kid that way. He loves play baseball," said Randall Reeve.

But during basketball season you know where to find Aidan. He'll be up top dialed in shooting games for his beloved Dutton-Brady Diamondbacks.

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