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Montana Schools Honored For Educational Achievements

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Montana has one of the top education systems in the nation.  The programs that promote graduation and excellence have worked well and a number of groups were honored today.

"It's producing fantastic results.  We've raised our graduation rates.  We've lowered our dropout rates.  That means more students are ready to transition to the Montana University System and today was just a celebration of that," said Denise Juneau, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The governor and A-C-T presented awards to Great Falls College-MSU and Bozeman High School for their work in making students ready for a career or higher education.  The leaders of those schools? Definitely excited.

"Yeah, it's an exciting award for us.  I do feel like it's been a community effort for our schools and our community.  We've worked for a lot of years on making sure students are college and career ready," said Rob Watson, Superintendent of Bozeman Public Schools.

"It's overwhelming.  I'm having a hard time coming up with the words to describe what this means.  It speaks to the partnerships we have built with the local school districts, our regional school districts, to make a different in their lives and ultimately, make a difference in our community," said Susan Wolff, CEO Dean of Great Falls College - MSU.

Even better, the governor knows that Montanans aren't content with staying put.  There's always a drive to move forward.

"The good thing is we are a state which we won't rest on past accomplishments and you see innovation going on here in high schools in Great Falls, you see it at the colleges, throughout our universities, always focused on the best interests of these kids and how we do that much better," said Governor Steve Bullock.

This isn't just a present accomplishment, either.  It's also for the future.

"I spend time weekly talking with CEO's about moving to Montana and expanding.  Their first questions are either what's your educational system look like or will I have a workforce.  Overall, what we can do in education is going to be the foundation for the jobs we can create here and the opportunities we can have not only for the next generation, but today," said Governor Bullock.