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Melting Ice Leads To Flooding Danger

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As snow and ice change over to snow, flooding is becoming a problem that can cause some roadway hazards.

And don't be fooled by just a little bit of water.  All that takes is a couple inches to lift up a full sized vehicle and float it away.

"Well, certainly you don't want to try and drive through a road that's flooded.  That's always our first advice.  We have the motto of Turn Around, Don't Drown and so you definitely don't want to drive through a road, even if it's a road that you're very familiar with," said Chris Foltz, National Weather Service Meteorologist.

It's not just the major waterways like the Missouri River that can be impacted by the flooding.  Flat areas can also see rising water because of the snow melt.

"We're starting to see some of the smaller streams, Prickly Pear Creek in Lewis and Clark County came up pretty good over the last day or so, did come out of its banks causing some flooding in the Helena Valley, but mostly what we're seeing is just water that's kind of ponding.  There's really just not a place for it to go," said Foltz.

Helena is one spot getting a bit wet.

"Happens every now and then.  2011 was the last time that we had this kind of experience.  It was in June.  It was a lot warmer and we aren't hopefully going to get the ground water problems that we did last time," said Andy Nickol, a volunteer.

The good news? Montana communities are always ready to help.

"This has been a great place to raise our family and this is why, because when something goes bad, there's people here that they come out, they help, they're eager to help, they don't about who's going to get paid or anything like that.  It's a community effort and it's a good place to live," said Nickol.

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