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Meet the Student Behind the Online Petition

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Following the death of a CMR High Senior, one student from a different High School is looking to change the snow day policy. Our own Joe Biega sits down with the student responsible for the petition. Last Thursday's tragic accident brought on by the poor road conditions that ended the life a CMR student prompted Great Falls High Junior Scott Miller to take action.

"I started this petition because it is something I strongly believe in. I had this idea for a long time and I was questioning how I would go about it and so I found out what happened on Thursday and that was the catalyst to my decision to start the petition," says Miller.

Miller's stance is not to shut down schools more often but from public school officials to reconsider when it is too dangerous for students to be on the road to school.

"Of course I don't want school to be closed every single there is a snow storm, we're Montanan's we can drive in the snow pretty good, however on Thursday school bus drivers with CBL licenses could not even drive down the hill and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have wanted to drive even if they made it down the hill," adds Miller.

In just it's 2nd week of existence Miller's online petition has over a thousand 50 signatures from students, concerned parents and community members alike. Proving the old adage one man can make a difference.

"I think one person makes a difference to a certain extent their the ones that will kind of push what they believe in and they will be the ones who will stand outside the crowd and they will develop the followers, but you know I couldn't have done anything with out this thousands of people I would have been an idiot with a keyboard if I hadn't had so many signatures," says Miller.

Miller says that he learned how to make a difference from the Great Falls Public School system itself.

"I think that I wouldn't be sitting here today if they hadn't had taught me to stand out of the crowd and to be a good citizen," explains Miller.

Though he is glad his petition made it all the way to the Great Falls Superintendent's desk, Miller says he backs the Great Falls Public School systems and knows they will continue to do what's best for the students.

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