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Fairfield and Belt Girls Seek to Defend Titles

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The ginormous collection of state championship banners means very limited wall space in the gym at Fairfield High, where the girls are so focused on winning a fourth straight state title the fact they just won their 100th consecutive game hasn't really sunk in.

"We really haven't taken the time to think, wow this is pretty cool. I mean, we are aware of it, but it's not right there in front yet, I am actually looking forward to after the season being able to sit around and soak it all up a little bit," Eagles head coach Dustin Gordon says.

"We don't really ever focus on it, it's not our goal. We're going for Saturday night this weekend," Eagles Senior Jill Barta adds. 

Fairfield's streak is at 101. The latest win, last Saturday night against Malta was one of the toughest.

"It was a good test, it was good for us to get pushed. We got tired, we had to battle through a little bit of foul trouble," Gordon recalls.

It's possible the Eagles could face the M-ettes again, and Coach Gordon says a handful of others, Like Forsyth, Shepherd, and their first round opponent Manhattan could present some problems.

"It's a good field this year, it's a really good field," Gordon says.

However, depth could be Fairfield's biggest obstacle. While this years team has won like the others, it isn't nearly as deep.

"This year has been a lot different, we only have six players, we don't have the 10 players that we used to last year, so I have to pick up my game a little more in the 1st quarter," Barta says.

"Our Achilles heel is that if we were to get into foul trouble, it would get a little dicey," Gordon adds.

The Belt girls only losses this season came to Fairfield. The Huskies held a pep-rally on Wednesday before taking off for State, and head coach Jeff Graham is excited!

"We're pretty jacked, man. It's not every year you get to go to State and we've been pretty blessed the last few years," Graham says.

The Lady Huskies are looking for a third straight Class C State title. The last time they lost a game in the tournament was three years ago at this years site, Hamilton.

"We lost there my Freshman year and it was tough, but now we're kind of coming back just to say we're a different team now, we're a different group of girls, and we're going to get it done this time," Belt Senior Kara Gerke says.

The road won't be easy. The Lady Huskies open with Gardiner, the same school that beat them in the Volleyball State Tournament finals.

"You've got Gardiner with one of the best girls in the State, then number one Saco and undefeated Harlowtown are on our side," Graham says.

The Huskies approach is to take it one game at a time. And just like Fairfield, what they've done has worked. At the end of the weekend, both senior classes could have a combined seven state titles to prove it. A good enough reason to consider building another wall.

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