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5 Students get a Surprise Scholarship

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Five students at University of Great Falls got a big surprise today, in the form of a major scholarship award.

"We're here at UGF today to award 5 of our circle of success scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students who are going to be coming back to school in the fall next year. We had over 300 applications and so we will be making awards to 75 students across the state over the next couple of weeks," explains Kelly Cresswell from the Students Assistant  Foundation.

5 students were surprised to be called out of class to receive a check in the amount of $1,000 from the nonprofit student assistant foundation's circle of success scholarship program.

"I am really excited. I am totally in like shock right now, because I didn't expect it at all but I am really excited because this is going to help me continue my education," says Holly Johnson.

To be one of the 300 students in Montana to be eligible each recipient had to write a few essays explaining their reasons for their education.

"One of the essays we had to write was what have we achieved in the last couple of years? and what is our personal statement in why we want to continue our education and what we want to do basically in the future,"says Johnson.

Cara Guderian is a student in the criminal justice program and says this money will go along way to help her graduate.

"It will be very helpful I know UGF is not the cheapest school out there and so coming here for a degree in criminal justice was a big thing for me and it's the only 4 year in the state for criminal justice and so having a little additional financial aid to help me is awesome," says Guderian.

According to the student assistance foundation each student is graded on a set criteria and for the University of Great Falls to have 5 students win this award is pretty rare. Of the five who received awards today, three were present, the two not present are off campus students Amanda Stubb and Megan Meyers.