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Medical Evidence Presented in Eskew Trial

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Day five of the Jasmine Nicole Eskew trial was a day that saw several key pieces of evidence presented. On behalf of the prosecution, clothes that Brooklynn was wearing on September 18th, 2012 were presented.

Det. Travis Burrow noted that the "left armpit has a tear in it."

The defense maintained their stance, that while the GFPD investigation was thorough, they still did not prove who did it.

Det. Burrow recalled "that a boyfriend may have been present" when he was asked.

Det. Burrow was the last member of the GFPD to be interviewed. From there the trial was turned over to medical experts.

Dr. Andrew Barber when testifying noted "there was a lot of blood on the left side of her head in between the bone and the brain tissue that was compressing the brain."

Dr. Ashley Yaeger, who treated Brooklynn when she arrived in Spokane, told the jury that by the time the infant was in her care, she showed minimal to no responsiveness during treatments saying, "the only time we saw her respond to any sort of noxious or painful stimulus throughout her evaluation in the emergency department. It's very noteworthy she had next to no responsiveness."

It wasn't until Dr. Tyler Will, a Radiologist from Benefis, testified late this afternoon. From there the jury saw and heard firsthand how medical examiners detected potential non-accidental trauma and saw the CT Scans of Brooklynn Eskew's head for the first time.

He noted that "skull fracture again was difficult to appreciate, but there is a solid skull fracture. Discussed the case with the E. R. Doctor and said we've got to start thinking about un accidental trauma. And the brain injury started to manifest itself as being more severe, meaning swelling. The MRI showed that brain tissue was starting to become non-viable and then finally a brain death study showing basically no blood flow going to the brain."

The trial resumes Monday.

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