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Senior Standout: Kirsten Kaste and Nicole Hannah

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Kirsten Kaste and Nicole Hannah have two goals for the 2014 track & field season. The first is a goal that every high school athlete has: to win a state title.

The other is to help someone close to them win a much more important battle: a fight with cancer.

"I've known her for four years now. She's definitely been the biggest role model ever at this track team for me," says Senior Nicole Hannah. "I just really want to help her out through everything she's going through. I just think she needs the track environment. We're really a close family."

"Ms. Clare is a great coach and an even better person," said track & field head coach Mike Henneberg. "I think her commitment to our program over the last 26, 27 years and the athletes she's worked with and how they responded to her says a lot about her."

Instead of standing by and doing nothing Nicole and Kirsten decided to make green bracelets imprinted with the words "prayers for Coach Clare." They're selling them at $3.00 each to raising money for Coach Clare's medical bills.

"They're only 3 dollars. It's not like a lot of money that people are spending and stuff," says Hannah. "It's definitely going to help her out a lot. Even if we just raise a thousand dollars, it's a thousand dollars she never had before."

"We bought 300. I'm hoping we could sell all of those," said CMR Senior Kirsten Kaste. "Which we've already sold 150 of them. And it's only been 4 days. So I'm thinking we'll probably have to buy some more. Hopefully 600 maybe?"

The support in the community has been positive that they took their efforts a step further. Kirsten and Nicole organized a fundraiser at each of the pizza huts in Great Falls with 10% of sales being donated to Coach Clare. For Kirsten and Nicole, there is no such thing as doing too much for someone who is a role model.

"Anyone who know's Coach Clare or has seen her, you can just tell what type of person she is right by looking at her," said Kaste. "She's very positive and very cheerful and she's a very strong lady."

It's been said that teams take on the personality of their coaches. If Kirsten and Nicole are the type to help someone in need it only says that much more about the character of Coach Clare.

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