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Hey guys!

Over the next 6 months (and 162 games), the KFBB News Team will be making (a lot of) references to our station Fantasy Baseball League.

We will either be tweeting it or mentioning it on air.

And by "mentioning it on air," I mean talking smack to each other in front of the camera.

It's all in good fun but I wanted to find a way for our viewers to be involved in the fantasy league battles so they're not lost in the smack talk.

So every now and then I will be writing an "OPINA'S OPINION" blog post updating viewers and readers on what's going on in our league. I guess you can call me the "KFBB Fantasy League Beat Reporter." I will try to make an update every 2-3 weeks.

For my first blog entry regarding the KFBB Fantasy Baseball League, I thought I would ease everyone into our league.

Below is everyone's name, job, fantasy league team name, favorite MLB team, draft number and their best players on their fantasy team. I've also included why each person picked their team name in hopes that it would allow readers to get to know our news team members a little bit better. 

I've provided all the basic info to get you guys acquainted to everything baseball we'll be doing at KFBB. I won't be listing entire rosters because it will take too long and trades will change things from this original post (all you need to know is that my team is REALLY good, ha ha).


KFBB News Team & League Info


Derek Opina

Job: Sports Anchor/Reporter

Fantasy League Team Name: PH Carroll Saints

Favorite MLB Team: Los Angeles Angels

Draft Number: 1

Best Players: Mike Trout (Angels), David Wright (Mets), Max Scherzer (Tigers)

Story Behind Team Name: "At first I had it as ‘MT Filipino' because I'm like the only Filipino in Montana. Then Blake made his name ‘Belt Huskies' and I thought that was pretty funny because he has a thing for Belt. I've always been known as the ‘Carroll Saints' guy because I covered them for over a year when I started as the bureau sports reporter in Helena. So I put my name as ‘Carroll Saints' to match Blake but put ‘PH' in the beginning to represent the Philippines side."


Micah Rumsey

Job: Weekend Meteorologist

Fantasy League Team Name: Goldschmidt Happens

Favorite MLB Team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Draft Number: 9

Best Players: Carlos Gonzales (Rockies), Bryce Harper (Nationals), Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies)

Story Behind Team Name: "Because (Paul) Goldshmidt is the best player on my favorite team and people say Goldschmidt happens when he gets a home run or does something"


Blake Arthur

Job: Weekend Sports Anchor/Weekday Sports Reporter

Fantasy League Team Name: Belt Huskies

Favorite MLB Team: Los Angeles Angels

Draft Number: 2

Best Players: Miguel Cabrera (Tigers), Ryan Braun (Brewers), Adam Wainwright (Cardinals)

Story Behind Team Name: Belt is "Blake's Squad." It's one of the first schools he ever visited when he started at KFBB.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Story written by the author of this blog post because Blake did not produce anything.....just like how his whole fantasy team won't produce any stats for him this year. BUUUUUURRRRRRNNNN!!!!!)


Ben Kaplan

Job: Sports Director/News Anchor

Fantasy League Team Name: Jobu Needs a Refill

Favorite MLB Team: Chicago Cubs

Draft Number: 4

Best Players: Andrew McCutchen (Pirates), Felix Hernandez (Mariners), Edwin Encarnacion (Blue Jays)

Story Behind Team Name: "Why Don't You Get To Work."


Jake Jones

Job: Helena Bureau Sports Reporter

Fantasy League Team Name: Brohio

Favorite MLB Team: Cleveland Indians

Draft Number: 8

Best Players: Prince Fielder (Rangers), David Ortiz (Red Sox), Jason Kipnis (Indians)

Story Behind Team Name: "The reason I picked 'Brohio' was because being from Cleveland, Ohio I obviously had to make it about that somehow! Indians outfielder, Nick Swisher, has a section in which every game he gives everyone in that section a shirt that says "Brohio" and I thought it was clever enough to grace itself as the name for my fantasy baseball team! Roll Tribe!"


Taylor Thompson

Job: News Reporter

Fantasy League Team Name: To The Chop House!

Favorite MLB Team: Atlanta Braves

Draft Number: 7

Best Players: Freddie Freeman (Braves), Craig Kimbrel (Braves), Evan Longoria (Rays)

Story Behind Team Name: "It's my favorite place in Turner Field to watch the Braves Play."


Dan Cordtz

Job: Weekend News Anchor/Weekday Reporter

Fantasy League Team Name: The Davanzo Shift

Favorite MLB Team: New York Mets

Draft Number: 5

Best Players: Chris Davis (Orioles), Adam Jones (Orioles), Yu Darvish (Rangers)

Story Behind Team Name: "I came up with my team name because it was kind of a joke in college. The popular movie at the time was Artie Lang's ‘Beer League.'"


Eric Hultz

Job: Promotions/Web Content Manager

Fantasy League Team Name: Chet Stedman Rockets

Favorite MLB Team: Cincinnati Reds

Draft Number: 10

Best Players: Hanley Ramirez (Dodgers), Joey Votto (Reds), Stephen Strasburg (Nationals)

Story Behind Team Name: "My team name is from my love of Rookie Of The Year. Favorite movie behind The Sand Lot probably. It's kind of awkward because I hate the Cubs with a passion but I love a movie about them."


Joe Biega

Job: News Reporter

Fantasy League Team Name: A-Rod's Not Here Man (For Now)

Favorite MLB Team: New York Yankees

Draft Number: 3

Best Players: Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks), Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees), Jose Bautista (Blue Jays)

Story Behind Team Name: "I named myself 'A-Rod's Not Here Man' on a play-on joke on the fact that A-Rod is not on the team this year. It's a play on a Cheech & Chong Joke, 'Dave's not here man.'"

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Because Biega changes his team name all the time, I may or may not update this portion of his profile)


Matt DeBray

Job: Technical Director

Fantasy League Team Name: Kuma Kameleon

Favorite MLB Team: Seattle Mariners

Draft Number: 6

Best Players: Robinson Cano (Mariners), Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers), Yasiel Puig (Dodgers)

Story behind Team name: "Hisashi Iwakuma is one of my favorite players on the Mariners and I think he's going to have a breakout year this season. And it fits with a song name."


Be sure to click on each name listed above to go to their KFBB Profile.

While you're at it, be sure to follow me on twitter: @DerekOpinaKFBB

We will be talking a lot of smack the entire season.

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