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Eskew Trial Wrap Up

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After twelve days an interesting turn of events taking place during the Jasmine Nicole Eskew trial as she was found not guilty of deliberate homicide. She was not completely cleared of all charges though.

A lesser charge of assault on a minor was announced as an option this morning, but when arguments came about, the prosecution still tried proving it's case.

Prosecuting Attorney "Jasmine admitted to severely injuring her own child. Greg Robey confirmed that fact."

Parker would continue and say that she acted alone and that she didn't want anyone to find Robey because he had witnessed Eskew in the act according to testimonies.

Parker said that "Jasmine never told the police or her own family that Greg did it. Jasmine minimized the damage she caused and she tried hard to prevent the police from finding out."

Parker also argued to the jury that Eskew was worried about her image to others saying "she's telling the paramedics and the EMT's, people will think I'm a bad mom. What does that tell you? She's concerned about her perception in the eyes of other people."

The defense started their argument contradicting the state's stance of a shaken baby, saying that the injuries didn't match.

Jennifer Streano said that "there's not one mark on Brooklynn. Nothing indicates that she was shaken what Brooklynn had was a massive skull fracture."

Defense Attorney's then went back to their main person of interest in Greg Robey who they maintained was still not a reliable witness saying that "at one point, Greg says the officers agreed that we could just throw my statement out. That's the reason you had to sit through four hours of an interview."

Defense followed that by saying that Greg was not trying to help Jasmine out, and that he still reportedly played a role.  Streano said that "they want you to think that Greg was lying to protect Jasmine. He's not trying to protect her! He's throwing her under the bus."

The state made one more argument that there was no evidence presented that says Greg did it saying "if Greg did this, his testimony under oath, she didn't even answer the question. There's no evidence of any kind that Greg assaulted Brooklynn."

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