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The Story of My Neighbor in Need

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Our own Joe Biega sat down with the non-profit groups founder to take a look back at how My Neighbor in Need came to be. My Neighbor in Need has become quite a staple in our community, the story of it's beginnings actually started in Greensboro, North Carolina, after founder Dave Snuggs was driving a co-worker home.

"He was obviously upset and he said the words great here is another need I have, and I said another need what do you mean another need? What do you have? And he went through a list of just normal human needs. I said I work with you I would offer help, but I said why don't you ask? he goes how to do ask,"says Snuggs.

Years went by and in the fall of 2011 while watching TV Snuggs and his wife were inspired by what they saw.

"For some reason on that day the show was on and he did a story about a guy in Wisconsin, who for 20 years has been helping people with pen and paper. and I thought okay I'm going to get up tomorrow and I'm going to find a way to do this," says Snuggs.

Since then my neighbor in need has helped more people than Snuggs expected.

"As programs continue to grow that means the number of people that we help continues to grow. you have to remember when I first launched it I thought maybe 200 people a year, well we just celebrated our second year and we helped almost 22,000 people. That's just in Cascade County,"adds Snuggs.

My Neighbor in Need has added more programs like My Student in Need, soon after these program has expanded to other states like Wisconsin and soon to be in Washington.the non-profit will even be featured in an independent film, but still with all this attention, Snuggs plans to stay community minded.

"We're going to do a fund raising campaign in June where we're going to ask the community to fund the mission of my neighbor in need and that's very important because unlike a lot of folks that give things in the mail and give phone calls, people are asking for lots and lots of money and rightfully so. We don't need that,"says Snuggs.

According to Snuggs what sets the program apart from other non-profits is the idea of anonymous giving which thankfully has not been in short supply from the community of Great Falls.

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