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Third Victim in Griego Trial Takes the Stand

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The third victim took the stand on Wednesday morning in the trial of Toby Griego -- the alleged serial rapist. She says her roommate at the time had a mattress delivered from the company Griego worked. The victim was not home at the time.

The woman says she came home Memorial Day weekend and was alone. Her roommates were out of town. She says she went to bed around 10:30 PM. She also testified she owns a handgun and has a concealed weapons permit.

She says she remembers waking up screaming with a taser in the back of her neck. She also says there was a hand over her mouth when she was shocked and was told repeatedly to "shut up."

She was put on her stomach and she says she thought she shouldn't fight and the odds were not in her favor. She says if she tried to look, she got hit in the back of her head and was told, "don't look."

She then tells how her legs and arms were tied together, and it was tied painfully. She heard her assailant go through her apartment and she said, "I was scared for my life." She then says she was blindfolded.

Next, she testified that the man found her gun and put it into her back and asked "what is this?"

She says the man put a belt around her neck and it was tightened. "It was a very sharp pain in your neck," she said. She started to black out and thought she was going to die.

When she started to cry, he told her to stop. In her testimony, she says the man asked her if she was an athlete.

The man found some alcohol and made her start drinking. Her bra was then pulled over her head while her hands were still bound. He said if she didn't drink fast enough he would strangle her. She felt as though she was going to be sick at times. She says the alcohol set in very quickly and started to feel numb.

She believes by this time she was hit over the head five times and, "I knew I was going to be raped." She said "it was the worst pain I ever experienced." She testified that her assailant continued to rape her even when she was vomiting.

After all this, she says he took her to the bank to get money. She says he walked behind her. She didn't think of running because she was scared and drunk. She says when she got to the bank she ran, hoping someone would see her. The man tackled her from behind and ended up with a gash in her head from hitting the cement. He then threatened her. She thought if she didn't listen she would be killed.

He took her back to the apartment and assaulted her with a foreign object. She says she complied because, "I didn't want to die."

She says she was taken to the shower. After, she says the man told her if she told anyone he would kill all her friends and family in her hometown. Then she says she was covered with her comforter and possibly lost consciousness. When she came to, it was quiet. She could not find her phone and tried to contact her boyfriend by laptop.

She says she then grabbed a kitchen knife because her gun was gone and her car keys were also missing. She grabbed a spare key to her car and drove towards the Billings Police Department, hoping someone would pull her over. She parked at the Crowne Plaza and had someone call 911.

The victim then identified pictures of herself allegedly on Griego's phone.

The defense attorney David Duke cross examined the witness. He asked her about identifying the attacker.

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