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Investigation into Montana Expo Park Continues

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It's been about a month since KFBB first reported on a scandal at Montana ExpoPark when the general manager and accountant were both escorted off the property.

The investigation is still on going, and all those involved continue to remain tight lipped.

Our calls to the county commissioners went unanswered as well as a call to Lisa Bracco.

This weekend we were able to catch up with County Attorney John Parker, but he did not have much to say about the progress of the investigation.

"The investigation is still underway. It is a very complicated matter, so it takes time. I want to ensure the public that the work is still underway. It is not done," said Parker.

Currently, the ExpoPark general manager, Lisa Bracco, and accountant, Claree Kelly, are still on administrative leave as the investigation by the county attorney and the Great Falls police is on going.

We will continue following this story and bring you updates as we know more.