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City Commission Might Limit Speaking Time

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Tomorrow night the City Commission will decide upon wither or not to approve a new resolution that will limit the amount of time folks can speak on an issue. I talked with the Mayor and one other person to learn a little more about the pros and cons of this subject. The City Commission will look publicly discuss what is called Resolution 10072, which will limit public speakers to 3 minuet presentations. Mayor Michael Winters says this idea is going to bring more business atmosphere to the meeting.

"The fact that when we have city commission meetings this is conducting city business and it's how we the commission are able to gather information about the decisions that we are about to make that effect everybody in our community we encourage people to come ands talk at the city commission meetings," says Mayor Winters.

According to Mayor Winters this is not a personal attack by the committee and in no way a infringement on anyone's rights.

"It's okay to be a nay-sayer nobody has anything to say negative about that but the fact of the matter is if your going to criticize the city a pound you have to have 5 pounds of solution, that's rare it doesn't come about and I think the most important part of the time limit proposal is we absolutely do not want to take anybodies 1st Amendment rights away that is not the case at all," says Mayor Winters.

Several community members are opposing this Resolution saying the old way of no time limit wasn't a problem at all.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it as we say in the Army, right now there is nothing keeping people from coming down to city hall and every democracy is going to have criticism there is going to be long meetings sometimes but that is the nature of the beast. Like I always tell people what I learned in Boy Scouts citizenship is not a spectator sport so come on down," explains Liebert.

Retired Lt. Colonel Rich Liebert feels the majority shouldn't be punished for what only a few are responsible for.

"And one final thing the Great Falls Tribune was right on target with their editorials saying yes there is a blow heart or 2 but we shouldn't diminish democracy we should be more liberal and allow for the set and debate," explains Liebert.