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Couple, 90 and 88, Prepare for Ice Breaker Race

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In their 56 years of marriage, Dick and Isabel Blossom have shared many of life's journeys side by side. And for more than 30 years, they’ve done the Ice Breaker race together.

"Well, when I first started out and that's got to be like 30 or 35 years ago - the kids we're doing it and I thought well, if they can do it then I can do it, so that's how I got started," said Isabel Blossom.

"I did it because she went and thought well if she can do it then I could do it and that was that," said Dick Blossom.

In 2005, the Blossom’s were featured in the town's paper because they were still running the race. They were both around 80 years old then. Now, he’s 90 and she’s 88 and they continue to do it because it helps keep them healthy.

"Well I would say the exercise and it's fun to get out there with everyday and to do your best, that's all," said Isabel Blossom.

"I do it for the exercise. I don't want to be sitting around and doing nothing so if I do that and work at it, it helps," said Dick Blossom.

They may be married for 56 years but there's no helping each other during the race.

"He goes his way and I go mine and we meet at the end," said Isabel Blossom.

"I'm usually ahead of her, but not always," said Dick Blossom.

"No, not always," said Isabel Blossom.

Regardless of their age and if they finish in first or finish in the last, Dick and Isabel still love the event and hope that you get out there too.

"I'd encourage people to get out there and do their thing. They don't have to run or walk - just get out there. It's fun to be in the crowd," said Isabel Blossom.

"I think one thing is you should keep active because if you don't, then pretty soon you're just sitting down and you can't do it. That's what I feel. If I stop once, I'll never be able to start," said Dick Blossom.

Dick and Isabelle started their race a long time ago. And just like they have for so long now, they’ll be out there Sunday at the Ice Breaker, together.  

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