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Preparing For The Big Ice Breaker Race

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Bust your running shoes out.  Lace them up.  Hit the road.  It's race season and you need to get warmed up.

The Ice Breaker Race is this weekend and I ran it last year.  While it was tough, it was a lot of fun so if you're running this weekend, what can you expect?

"Whether you're doing the five, three or the one, there's people pushing strollers.  Last year when I rain it, I saw people in wheelchairs being pushed by teams of people.  So it's just a fun and relaxed atmosphere," said Eric Hultz, a regular Ice Breaker runner.

It's a premiere social event in Great Falls but the actual race takes some preparation.

"Ok, well at this point, if you've been training for the Ice Breaker, you should start to taper off your workouts, maybe just go on a gentle jog today, and probably spend Saturday relaxing.  Just kind of put those legs in preparation for the race on Sunday," said Lisa Badger, a trainer with The Peak.

While you're running, make sure you go at your own pace.  You don't want to hurt yourself.  And most importantly, drink plenty of water.  You have to stay hydrated.

"As far as staying hydrated, you're going to want to start that tonight.  I mean, really get a good base on your hydration.  Hydrate throughout the day on Saturday and then on Sunday, be sure to stop by the aid stations provided for you.  Pick up water whenever you need it," said Badger.

So the big question: Should you run the race?

"Oh, you should totally sign up.  Whether you're doing the one, the three or the five, it doesn't matter.  And if you don't feel comfortable doing it this year, at least go out, watch it, and I guarantee you you'll catch the excitement from it and you'll want to do it next year," said Hultz.

So if you're running this weekend, great.  If not, go out to the race and support those who are!
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