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OPINA'S OPINION - Legion Baseball/Prep Softball Fantasy Teams

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If you didn't know yet, the KFBB news team has started a Fantasy Baseball League (click here for introductory blog post). It's basically an excuse for us to talk smack to each other during the newscasts and on twitter.

So I got to thinking……..

Since we’re in the balls-and-bat season in Montana, WHAT IF we were to do another draft and play in a fantasy league comprised of Montana Legion Baseball/Prep Softball players?

After doing some research and getting suggestions via twitter, here is who I would draft on my fantasy team.

Derek’s Legion Baseball Fantasy Team:

C: Slade Heggen (Missoula Mavs)
1B: Shane Olson (Missoula Mavs)
2B: Lucas Poitra (Great Falls Chargers)
SS: Troy Arntson (Helena Senators)
3B: Tyler Pfennigs (Great Falls Chargers)
OF: Jayse McLean (Great Falls Chargers)
OF: Tristen Shea (Helena Senators)
OF: Nick Wrigg (Helena Senators)
UTL: Brad Tiefenthaler (Helena Senators)
P: Anthony Contonio (Misoula Mavs)
P: Joe Spradlin (Helena Senators)
P:  Justin Wallace (Kalispell Lakers)
BN: Jackson Thennis (Helena Reps)
BN: Justin Pfennigs (Great Falls Chargers)
BN: Zach Merzlak (Helena Senators)
BN: Eric Emanuel (Helena Senators)
BN: Anthony Bonilla (Great Falls Chargers)
BN: Riley Pickens (Helena Senators)

Derek’s Prep Softball Fantasy Team:

C: Dani Walker (Deer Lodge)
1B: Kady Bartsch (Capital)
2B: Destry McNellis (Capital)
SS: Erin Emanuel (Helena)
3B: McKenzie Johnston (Capital)
OF: Madi Mahoney (CMR)
OF: Tylar Holland (Helena)
OF: McCall Enott (CMR)
UTL: Mercedes Bourgeau (Great Falls)
P: Brittany Smith (Capital)
P: Quinn Hartman (CMR)
P: Morgan Ray (Frenchtown)
BN: Erika Lankford (CMR)
BN: Savanna Voyles (CMR)
BN: Kylie Otis (CMR)
BN: Kaydee Parsons (CMR)
BN: Mickey Edgar (Helena)
BN: Marina Larocque (Great Falls)

Honorable Mentions:

Shelby Vernon (CMR)
Lacey Mertes (Great Falls)
Anna Fischer (Helena)
Hannah Atlee (Glacier)

Couple of Notes:

This draft was based off of the Yahoo Rules for our KFBB Fantasy Baseball League. This is important for two reasons:

1) Position Eligibility – Yahoo Rules state that if a player has played at least ten games at a certain position in the past, then a player is eligible to play at that position. Capital’s Kenzie Johnston is playing Shortstop this year but was All-State as a 3rd Basemen last year. Therefore, Yahoo rules allow me to put her at 3B.

2) Utility – The UTL spot on our Fantasy League rosters allow for ANY player to be put there regardless of if they actually play multiple positions or not. Essentially, the UTL spot for my Baseball/Softball rosters was my “kicker” to fit more players onto my team.

BN – Abbreviated for “Bench,” meaning the players who I would draft and switch in/out for PT when needed. I went 6 Bench Players for both Legion Baseball and Prep Softball, which is the same amount as our Yahoo Fantasy League.

Please keep in mind: This is NOT an “All-State” or “awards” blog post like the one I did for my AA Basketball entry. I’m not giving any trophies out here. This blog was meant for fun. (So parents, while I appreciate your viewer/readership, please don't send me angry e-mails/tweets).

The softball is mostly our viewing area “AA” schools (CMR, Capital, Great Falls, Helena) because those are the teams I'm mostly familiar with. I included Deer Lodge’s Dani Walker because she’s a UM Signee and Morgan Ray (Frenchtown) who has thrown several no-hitters. She’s an Ohio State commit and Gatorade POY. I’ve never seen them play but they were thrown my way based off of recommendations on Twitter.

It should be noted that I’ve changed my softball team about 4-20 times. I even changed my roster another 3-4 times while writing this blog. It was reeeeaaaaaallly hard to decide. I had more girls from Great Falls High on my initial team…..but I just couldn’t ignore the fact that Capital High has been killing it in the AA West. So I had to draft more of their players.

Second Base was the hardest to pick for both Legion and Softball. Softball-wise, I couldn’t decide between Destry McNellis (CHS) and Freshman Phenom Savanna Voyles (CMR). Even though Voyles has limited Varsity experience, I consider her one of those “prospect” type fantasy players that you want to add to your “players to watch” list or even add after you get to see how they perform after a week or two.  In the end, I went with McNellis because of experience but added Voyles to my Bench.

The “honorable mention” part for Softball are basically the players I would have loved to draft on my team, but unfortunately ran out of room on my roster.

The Legion Baseball team was a LOT harder to put together because I haven’t had the chance to watch a lot of their games. Most of my selections were based on research, how I remember them performing last year and suggestions via twitter--particularly Dominic Shelden and Shaun Rainey from our sister station in Missoula as well as AJ Mazzolini from the Missoulian.

Shout out to @Dominic_Shelden, @SandyBiggington, @ShaunRainey, @AJ Mazzolini, @Conkerins & @gfosss for sending me suggestions on twitter.

The Chargers Anthony Bonilla is currently playing Juco Ball at Wenatchee Valley (Washington). He will be eligible to return for the Chargers in June.

For reference, here is my MLB Fantasy Team I drafted/picked up via Free Agency for our KFBB league.

Team Name: PH Carroll Saints

C: Jonathan Lucroy (Brewers)
1B: Albert Pujols (LA Angels)
2B: Dee Gordon (LA Dodgers)
SS: Alexei Ramirez (WhiteSox)
3B: Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay Rays)
OF: Mike Trout (LA Angels)
OF: Yoenis Cespedes (A’s)
OF: Ben Revere (Phillies)
UTL: David Ortiz (RedSox)
BN: Jose Altuve (Astros)
BN: Marcell Ozuna (Marlins)
DL: Mark Trumbo (Diamondacks)
DL: Josh Hamilton (LA Angels)

P: David Price (Rays)
P: Max Scherzer (Tigers)
P: Gerrit Cole (Pirates)
P: Jared Weaver (LA Angels)
P: Martin Perez (Rangers)
P: Wily Peralta (Brewers)
P: Dan Haren (LA Dodgers)
RP: Jonathan Papelbon (Phillies)
RP: Francisco Rodriguez (Brewers)
RP: LaTroy Hawkins (Rockies)
RP: Joe Smith (LA Angels)
RP: Mark Melancon (Pirates)

Killer team right?

Was there ANYONE that I missed? Get at me on twitter: @DerekOpinaKFBB

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