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Coffee Shop As A Classroom At Paris

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It may look and sound like a normal coffee shop, but to get to this location, you have to travel past lockers down a hallway…and at the center of this unique café is not a twenty-something barista…it's a high school senior.

"Well, it began at the beginning of the year.  Miss McCarty has talked to me about going down in the coffee shop, seeing what there was, because I didn't have a lot of high school credits left and I was taking college classes, and I came down here and got really comfortable in here," said Claire Desmet, a senior at Paris Gibson Education Center.

Claire Desmet isn't your typical student.  A distinguished scholar that takes college courses, she's also a young mother.  Through effort and determination, she's set herself apart.

"Claire is one of a kind…at least there are few who are like her.  She has shown she has the maturity and the responsibility to be a coffee shop supervisor," said Debbie McCarty, a teacher at Paris.

It's got that trendy coffee shop feel with diner-style booths, the menus on the table and even an ipadiPad students to use, but remember, this is a school.  There's still some education involved.

"Well, at first I thought, you know, it was ringing up the till, but you have to order the things.  You have to pay the bills.  You have to make sure everything's stocked, take the till out and stuff at the end of the day.  I've had jobs before but definitely being a boss and stuff, it's different," said Desmet.

Paris Gibson Education Center is using this unique program to provide their kids with legitimate real world experience for their lives ahead…and Claire highly recommends it for future students.

"Yes, I would definitely recommend this.  If you get an opportunity offered to you like this, definitely take it.  It's worth it and you can only learn from it.  I mean, yeah, there's a couple…you can make a couple mistakes, but, I mean, you learn from those mistakes so it works out really nice," said Desmet.

So with her bright personality and ready-to-apply educational experience, this aspiring dental assistant has a promising future ahead.
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