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CM Russell Museum Releases Western Art Week Profit Numbers

CM Russell Museum Releases Western Art Week Profit Numbers

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In a press conference earlier today the CM Russell Museum announced their total amount earned during this year's western art week. For the 2nd year in a row Western Art Week netted over a million dollars from their art sale auction. In total "The Russell" earn 20% more than last year's total of over 1 million two thousand dollars. This years total, around 1 million four thousand dollars.

"We we're very excited at the year that we have had. We were thrilled with the quality of work that we encourage to come to Great Falls and more importantly we proved that we can sell some very high dollar art items. All eyes in the western art world are on Great Falls,"

And where does all that money go? Well the proceeds raised will help fund next year's event and also repairs like the new boiler the received last year, not to mention new exhibits like this jacket once worn by Charlie himself.

"We the results from the auction and the related events was really exciting because operating dollars are really hard to raise for any organization and anyone involved with a non-profit of any type will know that," explains Michael Duchemin.

Museum Curator Michael Duchemin theorizes that Western Art Week has a huge impact both financially and tourism wise not just on the museum itself but on the city of Great Falls.

"Art Week overall, my estimate is it generated about 10 million dollars in sales over a 5 day period. there is a lot of multipliers that are added into that, with restaurant meals and hotel accommodations and whine store sales and other sales,"

10 million is just a guess, but with the large number of visitors we get during western art week, event coordinators say it is not unheard of but it is difficult to measure the impact the event has on our city.

"We don't really know how important it is, studies could be done to prove what this means for the community of great falls," says

Western Art Week gets bigger and bigger every year, and next year the Museum Curator says they plan to bring in even more revenue and exposure to the city of Great Falls.

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