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Middle Schoolers Running Their Own Business

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GREAT FALLS - "Run a business.  How many people get to do that?  I think that’s pretty cool."

"It lets me get my energy out and do what I like to do."

"It’s really cool.  I love coming here every day.  It’s definitely my favorite part of the school day."

So what in the world is making these kids excited about working hard and going to school?  The answer?  Grizz Biz, a program where kids create their own products and sell them, getting them ready for a career that’s still years away.

"Learning for future jobs possibly and how to work with my hands and make stuff.  I like architecture.  My dad builds houses so it’s kind of a family thing," said Teagen Sowers.

This isn’t some kiddie program.  One of their biggest customers is the School District, which contracts the group to laser engrave district property.  And you heard that right…lasers!

"It’s a good feeling.  I know that I’m kind of making a difference really.  Not very many people can run the laser and it’s cool," said Sarah Cherry.

Emily Cappis has a plan to work for the Make-A-Wish foundation one day, and she thinks Grizz Biz has her on the right track to accomplish that goal.

"I think handling money and learning how to talk to people on a business level is helping me for my future," said Emily Cappis.

She’s also learning the business world isn’t all fun and games.

"So I have to handle all the money, so when it comes to the end of the quarter, I’m stressed out.  Everyone has kind of learned not to talk to me," said Cappis.

So there you have it, kids fifteen years younger than me are building their own products.  They’re out there selling them.  They’re keeping the books.  I’d say that’s preparing them pretty well for the future.
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