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Local Boy Programs His Own Video Games

Local Boy Programs His Own Video Games

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GREAT FALLS - Meet 9 year old Ben Hodson, he plays piano, likes to read and like most kids, he hangs out with his brothers, however get Ben in front of a computer and he can do something that most adults can't even do.

"I made a video game, I found out a little bit before that how to make a video game. I really liked it and I thought I could do well, because not a lot of people know how to create video games," says Ben Hodson.

Ben's feature game, Shark Attack, which he programmed all by himself on a web site used by M.I.T. Students won him first place at this years STEAM Science Fair Expo.

"Yeah when I code you have to like work through things. you get to barriers and you have to find the key to open the door,"
says Ben Hodson.

Ben has now created several games so far, he's even got his little brother interested to learn his craft. Ben says coding a new video game doesn't happen over night.

"very difficult, it took me a long time, I was surprised that I can break through some stuff," says Ben Hodson.

Ben's mother, Emily says it's been a really good hobby for her son and encourages him to keep on trying to learn more and reach newer heights.

"it's been really exciting it's been something i wasn't expecting to see him at 9 years old starting to make his own video games. it's been fun to see him work completely on his own, come up with his own ideas. say I'm going to make a video game about football and start designing it and then I'll see him in the corner get stumped. and he'll maybe work on it for like a hour at night when he gets home from school for fun and I'll say nothing I can do to help you honey, I got no clue. and he'll just think it through and all of a sudden he'll I got it mom," explains Emily Hodson.

Parents normally frown upon spending large amounts of time on video games, and his mother was a little surprised at first, but she has become one of his biggest supporters.

"I think it has been really positive. i think he's been able to learn a ton from doing it and I think with technology you just have to use it for good, and you can use things in a negative way and you can use them positively," says Emily Hodson.

You can go online and try out Ben's video game, by going on our website and clicking on the link posted below, and with enough encouragement someday little Ben Hodson could be the next major video game developer.

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