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MSDB Holds Alex's Lemonade Stand

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GREAT FALLS - Several years ago a four year old girl in Pennsylvania started up a lemonade stand in hopes to make one million dollars, and donate it all to cancer research.   The rest of the nation eventually heard about, and decided to help out, and Great Falls was no different.

Wednesday over at the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind, the 4th Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand took place as students and faculty made and served lemonade and baked goods, and also took donations. One faculty member feels that this event is very good for the students to work with communication skills.

Amanda Taylor, a Teacher at MSDB says of the event that "it's a great opportunity for the kids to work on how to communicate with people who maybe don't sign. So whether using an interpreter, writing back and forth, we work on it. For our blind kids, it helps them with their mobility and using their cane skills."

Student Katie Petersen said "it's really exciting and we collect the money so we can give it to the hospital, and they can research cancer."

All of the proceeds MSDB made today will go to pediatric cancer research, and all students and faculty once again give the utmost thanks for your support this afternoon.

If you couldn't make it down today and would like to donate money you can do so on their website.