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High School Students Complete Big Project

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School projects.  We've all paper mache volcanoes.  The furthest I got?  Building a cardboard boat with a group that we had to row across a lake, but that's nothing compared to the awesome work that a group of CMR and Great Falls students did.  They built an entire, real-life house.

This is just one of the two houses constructed from scratch by area high school students.  These aren't side projects.  They're classroom experiences that take students way out of the box.

"I think I'm the type of person that learns hands on and this is just a hands on experience, you know, and I think a lot of kids are like that out here.  It's something different than learning out of a book or doing book work and paper work," said Anthony Germann, a local student.

Anthony was this year's builder of the year and knows this experience will stick with him for a while, just like with his teacher Landon Stubbs, who still visits the house he built in this same program years ago.

"You know, I did this program when I was in high school and I still drive by the house I built.  I met the family that owns it.  It's amazing to be able to drive by and go, I did that and a family lives in it and it's still standing and it's beautiful and it's amazing," said Stubbs.

This isn't a project that you build and store in a closet.  A family will soon move in.  The father really appreciates the work the students put in and hopes his kids can one day provide a home for someone new.

"I'm proud of the kids for what they've accomplished out here.  The house looks great.  The lawn is wonderful.  It will be great to live in with my boys and daughter and my wife.  Get these ones out there and do the same thing through high school.  Build another house for another family so it'd be nice," said Donald Dues, the new owner of the home.

In the end, it's not just another piece of school work.  An empty lot became a house.  That house became a home for a family.  And a group of young men were a part of something bigger than themselves that they can be proud of for years to come.

"It's just amazing how a group of guys get together and we start with a flat piece of land and just, you know, a school year later, we're…this…here…a home for a family and it's just something really special that we can be a part of and it's something good for the community, a great program and I'm glad we have so much support," said Germann.
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