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S.O.S. Program Helping Those in Need

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S.O.S. is usually recognized as a distress signal. But for many homeowners in Helena this morning, S.O.S. was a welcome sign of help.

"S.O.S. has come to our rescue when we needed it the most," said Bonnie Holman, a recipient of the S.O.S. help. "And it taught us what communities coming together is all about."

The Spirit of Service program provides help with both yard and exterior house work to those who are unable to do it themselves.

"It's mostly just because we care," said volunteer Lacey Forrey. "We're just good people that care and we want to volunteer our time to help. And plus we sit in an office all day so it's kind of nice to be outside."

"To have someone again, who doesn't even know us to come in and lift that burden, again it's incredible," added Holman. "And to know that my husband didn't have to break his back to do that."

S.O.S. helps people who need it because you shouldn't have to have an unappealing house just because of your health.

"People who take pride of ownership in their homes want it to look nice everywhere," said Holman. "Meaning not just the structure itself but the yard and that brings them great joy when the flowers start to pop up that they're in clean beds. And it really gives them a sense of pride of ownership. And I think that's worth a million bucks!"

"It's just that pure simple joy that you made somebody's day better," added Forrey.

With a program like this, homeowners can breath easy knowing their S.O.S. has been answered.