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Great Falls Man Continues to Workout After Near Fatal Car Accident

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There are very few bonds in life that are tighter than the one between a big and little brother.

Jake and David Lietz have that bond. But it's one that was almost lost, six years ago.

"Working in the oil fields in Eastern Montana, February 13, 2008. I hit a patch of black ice and I rolled my truck four or five times and broke my neck," said Jake Lietz.

"I didn't understand what exactly it was going to be about and what he was going to go through and how he was going to lead his life," said David Lietz, Jake's younger brother.

Jake's accident left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down with impairments in the triceps and hands. But that doesn't stop him from doing what he loves.

"Working out has always been a huge staple in my life and it wasn't going to stop after my injury. Just because I've been given an obstacle doesn't mean I'm not going to go under, over, or through the obstacle to pursue my passion," said Lietz.

David is a trainer at the Peak and lives with Jake. The injury has had a profound impact on both of them and has changed how they both now look at life.

"I've always been on the higher aspect of things as far as being physically strong and having everything that I needed and all of a sudden the physicality wasn't there anymore. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things as far as spiritually and the people around me. If it wasn't for my brother, my family, and my friends, and most of all God, I wouldn't do as well as I do with this injury," said Jake Lietz.

"It really puts things into perspective. We take a lot for granted at first and then when we lose those things we see them as being a big hit or a big loss so it really opens our eyes to what life is all about." said David Lietz.

Jake and David say they no longer takes things for granted. And six years after Jake almost died, they're both more alive than ever, doing what they love together.
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